About Chris Swenson

Making the impossible possible with a comprehensive understanding of lighting models and property radiance.

A master of illumination and licensed electrical contractor, Chris Swenson has enlightened the minds of clients, colleagues and industry partners for decades with his artistry and workmanship, nurturing a focused dedication to lighting excellence and passion for the art of ambient design. His personable approach in tailoring the client’s experience to reflect the smallest detail of imagination sets him apart as an industry leader. He makes the impossible possible with a comprehensive understanding of systematic lighting models and property radiance.


Continuing Education

A California-native with a Los Angeles upbringing, Chris Swenson occupies a place between artist and scientist, using his skill to assess the lighting conditions and create harmony with space and light. His passion for lighting design emerged with might and conviction from a young age, finding a true art form in the manner with which living and commercial spaces are showcased.

With the launch of Lighting F/X, Chris’ goal was to transcend industry standards with a staunch commitment to service excellence. Chris constantly educates himself about the many trends, systems and industry evolutions. Lighting F/X differentiates itself as the go-to expert for prominent entertainment / celebrity clients with highly-sophisticated residential / commercial properties.

Relationship Forger

At the core, Swenson’s expertise lies in his incomparable ability to design and map lighting plots in alignment with intuitive electrical systems, overseeing the implementation / execution throughout. He works in close collaboration with interior designers, engineers and architects, beginning with a site assessment that encompasses safety concerns inclusive of state / local energy and building codes.

Chris has earned a reputation for resolving any and all lighting plights, even in readjusting an established lighting design riddled with flaws from competitor contractors, saving the day whenever the property owners feel helpless. He meets the aesthetic and design needs of clients with as a nurturing and approachable craftsman, shaping the experience into enduring, valued relationships.

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