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Professionals in the architectural, contracting and design communities depend on Chris Swenson and his Lighting F/X team to guide them through the intricacies of lighting design, product knowledge and practical execution.

Respect for Environment

A respect for the environment is often a key (but overlooked) element in lighting design. Lighting F/X works to be as non-intrusive as possible while achieving breathtaking results, enhancing the beauty of your property and using the most energy efficient materials available on the market.


At Lighting F/X, our commitment to the environment is as important as our commitment to innovation, quality and our customers. We believe that lighting can be environmentally responsible and energy efficient.


Lighting F/X offers sustainable energy solutions that meet the qualitative needs of the visual environment with the least impact on the physical environment.


Lighting F/X always strives to utilize the best components available in the marketplace. Our constant interaction with Designers, Clients, Architects and Suppliers help to ensure that each project is executed with the highest quality material and expert craftsmanship.

Market Expertise

Every market has its own unique lighting challenges. Designs can get tricky, having to verify every fixture, test every connector and make certain that every length of track is just right. We have an experienced staff of sales professionals to assist you with your projects from concept to completion.


Lighting F/X’s success stems from Chris Swenson and his team working together to create incredible lighting illusions using the most up-to-date electrical technology possible. Each member of his team goes the extra mile to ensure that every one of his design concepts, electrical code and installation instructions is followed accordingly.

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