Variations of Lighting

Three layers of light are typically observed: task lighting, general (also called ambient) lighting, and accent lighting. Combining and balancing these lighting types gives visual interest to the space and creates a more attractive, exciting and inviting environment.

Task lighting

Task lighting is most effective when used as a supplement to general lighting in work-spaces, conference areas, and on counter tops. Effective task lighting should eliminate shadows on the specific illuminated area, while preventing glare from the lamp or off surfaces.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting should radiate a comfortable level of brightness and provide a sense of relaxation and spaciousness. The light level should be uniform throughout the space, inconspicuous and neutral.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting reinforces design aesthetics and creates a dramatic emphasis on shapes, textures, finishes and colors. It creates a visual interest in the space and enhances almost anything.

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